Week 8 Task: Remixing


Without a doubt, remixing has been one of my favourite weekly topics thus far. I have always possessed a keen interest in all realms of electronic music, particularly house and techno, which predominantly partake in the process of remixing. Prior to this week’s lecture and tutorial, I could very much appreciate the remix as a musical product, however it was only after professional insight from DJ Yogi Willhelm, and experiential insight through tutorial participation, that I could genuinely grasp the expertise and technique that the process of remixing demands.

Experimenting with loops, tempo, beats and stems in the iPad app “Groove Maker” proved to be challenging, but enjoyable. The software was at first difficult to operate, but once working my way around the format of the app, I was a little more confident. Knobel and Lankshear validate the importance of understanding the “art of remix” and “craft of remix” – the art being the aesthetics, form and composition dimensions, whilst the craft comprises knowledge of technical aspects (2008:26). My initial difficulty in tutorials, along with guest lecturer Yogi Willhelm’s personal stories, certainly illuminated the level of expertise, art and craft required in the production of a remix.

Overall, experimenting with remixing allowed me to gain a more comprehensive appreciation for the author’s creative processes, a notion that Jenkins argues is an aspect that validates remixing as an important new literacy (2006). I hope to one day educate myself further on the language of remix software, and acquire the art and craft skills involved in combining and manipulating cultural artifacts, in order to develop new and interesting creative blends (Lankshear & Knobel, 2008:22).

Reference List

Jenkins, H., Purushotma, R., Clinton, K., Weigel, M., & Robison, A. (2006). Confronting the challenges of participatory culture: Media education for the 21st century. Chicago, IL: The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Digital Media and Learning Initiative.

Knobel, M., & Lankshear, C. (2008). Remix: The Art and Craft of Endless Hybridization. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 52(1), 22-33.


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